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The beginning

to my continuing story…


I feel that before I can truly post about my present state, be it work related or life, I must first let it be known how I walked onto this path.

When I was 20 years old my whole word seemed to have been pulled out from me in the split of a second. I lost my mother; the woman who gave birth to me, raised me, provided for me, loved and cared for me, the light of my life. If that wasn’t bad enough not only did I lose my childhood home but I also had to separate from my siblings all in just a matter of months. So I began to spiral…

All faith and hope vanished from my mind for the next three years and I realized how tough life was and how hard it is to manage depression with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a lack of will to keep going in the other. When I say I spiraled i mean I plummeted down a, what seemed like an endless, black as night abyss…and I didn’t care. YOLO (You only live once)…that was my motto and I swear i was trying to go out with a bang…but then it stopped.

I stopped falling….I had reached the bottom and there was a ladder there just waiting with a “when you are ready sign”….and i was…so i climbed and I am still climbing. On my climb i have found my spirituality. My spirituality of; love those who cant love themselves, help those all around you, cherish the lives of all creation, appreciate the warmth from the sun, the breeze from the wind and breath,
And thats where I started my journey

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