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How to Up Your Tinder Game!

Up Your Tinder Game!
Up Your Tinder Game!

Congrats! Why? Because, you’ve already taken the first step towards your goal: making yourself more available. You see, no matter what your goal is, from finding someone for just one night or for life, you won’t get there if you’re not allowing yourself to be found. Which is why an app like Tinder is so important: because it makes you easily available to a large amount of people, and makes those people available to you. So, assuming you’ve taken that first step, we’re going to look at some more things you can do to give yourself the competitive edge when it comes to getting more matches on Tinder. After all, it takes two to make a match!

First of all, and this is crucial: know how to take a good picture. I’m not talking about the selfie you took last week. It’s no secret that Tinder is very much a game of first impressions, and that first impression if based almost entirely on the pictures you choose to put up. So, for a start, dress up a little. You don’t need to be wearing a full suit, but dress in something that fits you well and looks good. Then, you’ll want to move to a place that’s very well-lit. Aim for the light source to be behind the camera so that there’s no glare to shadows in the picture, and use a plain background, so that you’re the main focus.


Often times a picture with a theme works better than a dull profile picture. Don’t be afraid to show your wild side or …hilarious side for that matter.

Once you have a few decent pictures uploaded, your next hurdle is the “About Me” box. If your pictures make a good impression, this is going to be the next place potential matches look. You want it to describe the best aspects of you, but here’s a tip that will be invaluable: make them laugh. You can list off as many good qualities as you want, but people really like other people who can make the laugh. So, throw in some good-quality, appropriate jokes in that description to show that you don’t have the personality of a boiled potato.

Now, once you have a few matches, how do you turn those into successful encounters? Well, I’ll leave the specifics of “successful” up to you, but here is some general advice: be responsive to them, meaning don’t take three business days to message them back. Try to figure out as soon as possible if you two would be compatible, because it will save both your time and theirs. Arrange to meet up as soon as possible, so that if both of you feel there’s something compatible, it can start to grow before it’s too late! However, if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, always remember to be kind, and take rejection in stride!

Now, let’s give a quick review of what you’ve learned: Upload decent picture, preferably not selfies. Have a good, funny personality. Be responsive and kind. Keep all of these in mind and no matter what you’re looking for from Tinder, you’ll at least have more matches to help you find it! Happy swiping!

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